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The POW Collection

The POW Collection Matching Overgrip and Dampener Set - Orange

The POW Collection Matching Overgrip and Dampener Set - Orange

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Step onto the tennis court with the captivating energy of the POW Collection, where American pop art meets superhero inspiration!

Thoughtfully designed in the heart of New York City, our visually striking overgrip and dampener sets boast a dynamic fusion of bright orange, yellow, and aqua blue, perfectly embodying the vibrancy of contemporary American life. With bold lines and action-packed words - 'POW', 'SLAM', and 'OMG', our sets exude an explosive energy that ignites your game from the moment you step onto the court.

But the POW Collection isn't just about art; it's a celebration of the American heroic spirit of courage, justice, and selflessness. Adorn your tennis racket with our POW Collection overgrip and matching dampener set to embody strength and determination on the court!

Just like superheroes represent hope and resilience in times of adversity, whether you're down 0-5 or dominating the match, our POW Collection emPOWers you to unleash your 100% inner POWer on the tennis court with POWerful serves and aces that leave your opponent in OMG! Elevate your game with the POW Collection - Orange.


The set includes 2 matching overgrips and 1 dampener.






Width: 0.98 inches (25mm)

Length: 45 inches (1150mm)

Thickness: 0.02 inches (0.6mm)


1. Remove the transparent protective film.

2. Remove the adhesive sticker from the tapered end of the overgrip. Stick it on the bottom of the tennis racket handle following diagram 1 on the back of the package.

3. Continue to wrap the overgrip around the handle upward while maintaining slight tension on the bottom of the overgrip following diagram 2 on the back of the package.

4. Cut off the excess overgrip and wrap the white Strawberries and Cream finishing tape around the top part of the handle following diagram 3 on the back of the package.

5. Done!

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