1. What are tennis overgrips and dampeners and why are they important for my game?

Tennis overgrips are wraps that go over the handle of your racket. Dampeners are small accessories that reduce vibrations in your racket. They are essential for a better and more comfortable playing experience.

2. Are your overgrips and dampeners compatible with all tennis racquets?

Yes! Our overgrips are 45 inches (1150mm) long. There should be excess length to be cut off.

3. What is included in each pack?

Each pack includes 2 matching overgrips and 1 dampener.

4. What are the specifications of your overgrips?

Width: 0.98 inches (25mm); Length: 45 inches (1150m); Thickness: 0.02 inches (0.6mm)

5. What is the material of your overgrips?


6. Do your overgrips work for other sports equipment?

Great question! As a versatile tennis rackets and pickleball paddle accessories shop, our overgrips are ideal for use with tennis, squash, and badminton rackets and pickleball paddles and even softball and baseball bats!

7. Can I buy the overgrips and dampeners individually?

At the moment, each pack in our racket accessories shop comes as a set of 2 matching overgrips and 1 dampener.

8. What makes your overgrips and dampeners unique compared to other brands?

Our matching overgrips and dampeners are thoughtfully designed to help you look amazing and feel amazing. They are essential accessories to help you enhance your overall enjoyment and success on the court.

9. I have very sweaty hands, do your overgrips work for me?

Please stay tuned for our Dry Feel overgrips. They are especially made for sweaty hands in humid and hot conditions. 

10. Do you offer returns if I am not happy with my purchase?

Yes we have a 30-day return policy. Please read Return Rules for further details.

11. What is the expected delivery time and shipping cost for orders?

Your order should arrive 5-8 days after it is processed. We offer free shipping for orders over $33 and a flat-rate $4 for orders below $33.

12. Do you ship internationally?

As a racket and pickleball paddle accessories online shop in the US, we only ship domestically in the US at the moment.

13. Can I order your products in bulk for my tennis club?

Yes! Please contact info@strawberriesandcreamny.com for bulk order inquiries.

14. How can I contact your customer support team if I have more questions or need assistance with my order?

Please reach out to support@strawberriesandcreamny.com.